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While we’ve been working overtime to raise money, obtain quality sponsorships and put together all the pieces of this amazing venture called Rock4Israel, theres so much to share.

Firstly, lets address the awesome rock n’ roll coming to Israel this year.

Ringo Starr (with Rock4Israel nominee Steve Lukather) on June 23, 2018

Don McLean June 16, 2018

Ozzy Osbourne July 8, 2018

Alice In Chains July 17, 2018

Scorpions July 19, 2018

America  October 8, 2018

They will all be performing in Israel! All those going to any of these shows will surely have an amazing time!

Rock4Israel applauds them for bringing their music to Israel and not capitulating to any pressure from “anti Israel” groups. No one should tell artists where they can perform. If the fans want it then the fans should have it!

Secondly, now that the US Embassy has opened up in Jerusalem we have a new venue to perform in. While we are not a political entity we are always looking for cool, unique new venues to do interesting, meaningful and memorable shows, whether it be an acoustic set or a full on, ear splitting concert, we want the musicians we bring to always have a story to tell.

On our recent trip to Israel we explored some new and interesting venues to perform in, including various spectacular rooftops, scenic backdrops, historic sites, cities interested in utilizing their new amphitheaters and much more. We are even discussing an amazing block party that will be the envy of rock block parties.

More to come and we are close, very close, to our first tour but for now follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the info you need to Rock4Israel. Feel free to donate or sponsor a tour. Reach out and rock on!

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