Message from Etan G

I’m so excited to share with you what was a short time ago just a seed of an idea, nay, just a dream. Then the heavens opened up and the gods of rock and roll bestowed wisdom and balance upon me, and Rock4Israel was born, it was nurtured, molded and sculpted and soon it became my adonis, my lightning in a bottle!

As Rock4israel grows and thrives this website will become better, stronger and faster. There will be cool merch. There will be videos, interviews, online backstage access, cool contests and even a few surprises. You, the fans, who love Rock ‘n Roll, will help make the social component thrive! This site will be the hub for all the magic!

I’m even hopeful that the first tour will occur in 2017 and I even plan on bringing celebrity hosts to Israel to see the land and even do a couple songs with the band!

There are so many awesome layers to Rock4israel that there should be something for everyone.

So hang on to the hammer of the gods because you will be thunderstruck!

I’ve been asked why Rock ‘n Roll? And why Israel?  Because I love rock ’n roll and I love Israel! Simple! But let me provide a deeper explanation. Rock ’n Roll was shunned by the the world. It was a pariah. Religious leaders called it the devils music. Politicians tried to stifle it. Law enforcement arrested musicians and there was a huge disconnect between the establishment and the people! Those who supported it, believed in it and created it were labeled rebels, misfits and anti establishment.

But then TVs started to get thrown out hotel windows and the music inspired, motivated and unleashed angst, for generations. The people rose up and rock n roll became a beacon of hope, a voice to the voiceless, an anthem to the masses. A big f-u to the world! We believed! We felt it and music lead the way!

In 1948, and even now, Israel was/is considered to be much the same way by much of the world. Israel IS rock ’n roll! Israel is that light unto the world. It became a home to the homeless. It remains that beacon of hope, innovation and inspiration that rock ’n roll has always been. It’s continued existence is a big f-u to the world, just like rock ’n roll!

That is why I chose Israel to be the venue to bring musicians who live, love and breathe rock ’n roll to meet the “misfits” and the “rebels” who rock and to perform the music that lead us all here! Let’s Rock!