Rock4Israel brings the musicians that play for your favorite bands/artists
to perform in, and experience, Israel.

Music transcends humanity. We, at Rock4Israel, believe it to be the conduit to the soul. Music makes you feel. Musicians create that gateway for us.

Many of our most talented artists have never been to Israel, or are afraid to perform there, because of what they see and hear in the media, pressure from anti-Israel groups (even other misinformed artists) or just haven't had the opportunity, either by themselves or with the huge, well known, bands and artists, they perform with.

Rock4Israel raises money to bring these prominent and notable musicians to Israel. To perform. To see the land. To meet the people. To experience the reality.

We encourage you to help us make that happen by donating to this mission so these musicians can have a new, more factual perspective and share this amazing experience with the superstars they create/record/perform with.

Donate Today

Rock4Israel thrives and survives on the donations of those that love music, or those that love Israel or those that appreciate the importance of bringing influential musicians to Israel. Or all of the above. Or for some other cool reason I can't even think of. Or because they believe. Or just because they know Etan G will get the job done! No matter how you slice it all donations go to bringing musicians to Israel!

The production and the venues are all taken care of in Israel through investors and relationships. Rock4Israel raises the funds to get the musicians there and their travel expenses. Once they're in Israel they do several shows and tour the land.

So go ahead and donate and let's rock!!!!