About Rock4Israel

Rock is the style of music we play. The venue happens to be Israel!

Rock4Israel is not a political organization. It is about musicians. It is about music. Our job is to bring talented musicians (who’s names you may not know) who play/ed/ing for/with the artists and bands you do know, to Israel, to play the rock music you love!

You see, when most musical acts, and the musicians they tour with, come to Israel, they usually stay a very short time, just long enough for their shows, see a couple sites, stay in the their hotels and leave.

You, the fan, decide if you want to go to their show if you like their music and then you sit through a whole show, you know maybe half of their songs and it’s all their music. That’s great!

What we are doing is bringing super talented, versatile, notable musicians, putting them together to play rock ’n roll. A super group, if you will, to play the great music that you can rock to! That you feel in your gut! That make you raise your fist in the air and rock! These performers will get to see Israel in a more laid back, meaningful way. They will meet the people of Israel and will have a once in a lifetime experience in the holy land! In turn, they will carry those experiences with them when they work with other musicians, performers and artists.