Author: Rock4Israel

Hold Your Head Up

It’s simple. The media perpetuates lies and misinformation. We take musicians to Israel so they can have real information. That information is received just by going to Israel and seeing for themselves what Israel really looks like. Most importantly, they get to perform for an audience in Israel, comprised of different races, religions, genders and orientations. In short, they get to perform for people who wanna rock! It is this experience that musicians can then form their own, educated, opinion instead of just being informed by a lying media that, for some reason, thinks it is ok for innocent civilians to be attacked and for there to be no repercussions for that unprovoked attack.

We stand with Israel and their right to defend themselves against  individuals that want to kill those people that wanna rock. The fans. The people of Israel. We await for Israel to fully open up so all our musicians, who have open minds, who want to see for themselves, can come to perform in Israel, safely and for all those fans that just wanna rock! We are cumin’! Rock on!


Money for Nothing

These are strange but exciting times. We have been working on merch and shwag for you guys since June. We had so many requests for these things that we had to figure out a way to make it happen. Fortunately, we were able to get designs made and get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, there were so many hiccups and delays, due to Covid, that the process was annoyingly slow.

As of this writing, we are happy to say that some items have come in and others are in various stages of arrival. What is available now are Guitar Picks, Stickers, T-shirts, Long Sleeve shirts, Phone Wallets (for the back of your phones), Bags and Sweatbands.

We are still waiting for Hats, Patches and Gaitors and are looking into a couple other cool specialty items. Images have been posted on Instagram (@rock4israel) of the in-stock items. A page will be set up soon to be able to donate and receive these various items.

It’s crazy that it’s taken this long. It’s also crazy that the 2020 tour we had in the works had to get postponed and will hopefully occur in 2021. It’s all a very fluid situation and we are just rolling along with it.

Thank you for believing and for all your support during these unusual times. Thank you for your donations. Keep ’em coming. Can’t wait to see you on the road! Rock on!!


Back In The Saddle Again

After a brief hiatus Rock4Israel is back in full force. While we have constraints, due to Covid 19, we are preparing to be ready to go Israel as soon as they open up and it’s safe to do so. Feel free to donate, at anytime, to help accomplish that goal.

Additionally, during the hiatus, we created a whole bunch of merch and shwag. We should be receiving Rock4Israel Guitar Picks, Sweatbands, Stickers, Phone Wallets, T-shirts, Hats, Patches and, of course Masks and Gaitors that will all be available on this site in the coming weeks.

Finally, so many great musicians have passed away since we last posted. However, arguably two of the most prominent, and most influential, rock musicians in the history of rock must be noted. Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist from RUSH and Eddie Van Halen passed away in 2020. Their contributions to music and the whole world aren’t even quantifiable. Their influence is, and was, so enormous and they are sorely missed.

Here’s to a rocking’ 2021 in the Holy Land. Spread the word! #Rock4Israel


Rock Nation

While we’ve been working overtime to raise money, obtain quality sponsorships and put together all the pieces of this amazing venture called Rock4Israel, theres so much to share.

Firstly, lets address the awesome rock n’ roll coming to Israel this year.

Ringo Starr (with Rock4Israel nominee Steve Lukather) on June 23, 2018

Don McLean June 16, 2018

Ozzy Osbourne July 8, 2018

Alice In Chains July 17, 2018

Scorpions July 19, 2018

America  October 8, 2018

They will all be performing in Israel! All those going to any of these shows will surely have an amazing time!

Rock4Israel applauds them for bringing their music to Israel and not capitulating to any pressure from “anti Israel” groups. No one should tell artists where they can perform. If the fans want it then the fans should have it!

Secondly, now that the US Embassy has opened up in Jerusalem we have a new venue to perform in. While we are not a political entity we are always looking for cool, unique new venues to do interesting, meaningful and memorable shows, whether it be an acoustic set or a full on, ear splitting concert, we want the musicians we bring to always have a story to tell.

On our recent trip to Israel we explored some new and interesting venues to perform in, including various spectacular rooftops, scenic backdrops, historic sites, cities interested in utilizing their new amphitheaters and much more. We are even discussing an amazing block party that will be the envy of rock block parties.

More to come and we are close, very close, to our first tour but for now follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the info you need to Rock4Israel. Feel free to donate or sponsor a tour. Reach out and rock on!

Leave Those Kids Alone… more Radiohead

It’s only a few more days till the Radiohead concert in Israel and their European tour has been bombarded with anti-Israel protesters. These people continue their attempt to stifle art, music and performance. Rock4Israel maintains that artists should be allowed to perform their art wherever they are desired. Israel wants Radiohead and they should be free of protesters to that effect. You can read more here about the latest incidents, and Radiohead’s responses to them, and I encourage you to get involved in allowing artists the freedom to perform anywhere… and that includes Israel! You can get tickets to the show here! Enjoy!

Radiohead gets hassled in London for their upcoming show in Israel

Music is for people… All people!!! Whatever your politics are or your position about Israel is, music should be able to played for everyone. We really believe that! So it is with that in mind that we at Rock4Israel are so bothered by anyone telling a band or artist who and where they can and can’t play for. Read about the latest protests against Radiohead HERE

…and you can get your tickets for the show here


It’s So Easy, Easy for Guns N Roses to play Israel!

Guns N’ Roses will be playing Israel on July 15, 2017. Their music has brought people of so many religions, races and nationalities together to rock, and rock hard! Now they will play November Rain in July! You can get tickets HERE Enjoy the show!

Rock4Israel is fortunate to have so many musicians involved in it who grew up with many members of GnR in Los Angeles. In fact, GnR played the very bar that many of our artists have been playing in, and continue to pop in and jam in, since high school. Numerous pictures of GnR adore the walls of Canters Kibbitz Room in tribute. Tuesday nights are always special! If you’re ever in LA feel free to stop by and rock!

Radiohead tells Roger to piss off!

Radiohead will be playing Israel July 19, 2017. As is usually the case BDS and Roger Waters attempt to bully artists to not perform in Israel. When they succeed it is usually through scare tactics or taking advantage of an artist by giving misinformation and often outright lies. Radiohead didn’t fall for it and called them out on it. Rock4Israel applauds those who stand up for the rights of any musician to perform wherever they choose. Tickets for Radiohead in Israel are available HERE or HERE or even HERE Enjoy the show!!!