Month: June 2017

Radiohead gets hassled in London for their upcoming show in Israel

Music is for people… All people!!! Whatever your politics are or your position about Israel is, music should be able to played for everyone. We really believe that! So it is with that in mind that we at Rock4Israel are so bothered by anyone telling a band or artist who and where they can and can’t play for. Read about the latest protests against Radiohead HERE

…and you can get your tickets for the show here


It’s So Easy, Easy for Guns N Roses to play Israel!

Guns N’ Roses will be playing Israel on July 15, 2017. Their music has brought people of so many religions, races and nationalities together to rock, and rock hard! Now they will play November Rain in July! You can get tickets HERE Enjoy the show!

Rock4Israel is fortunate to have so many musicians involved in it who grew up with many members of GnR in Los Angeles. In fact, GnR played the very bar that many of our artists have been playing in, and continue to pop in and jam in, since high school. Numerous pictures of GnR adore the walls of Canters Kibbitz Room in tribute. Tuesday nights are always special! If you’re ever in LA feel free to stop by and rock!

Radiohead tells Roger to piss off!

Radiohead will be playing Israel July 19, 2017. As is usually the case BDS and Roger Waters attempt to bully artists to not perform in Israel. When they succeed it is usually through scare tactics or taking advantage of an artist by giving misinformation and often outright lies. Radiohead didn’t fall for it and called them out on it. Rock4Israel applauds those who stand up for the rights of any musician to perform wherever they choose. Tickets for Radiohead in Israel are available HERE or HERE or even HERE Enjoy the show!!!